Monthly Archives: July 2008

Mozilla Weave

As per my previous post on the discontinuation of the Google Browser Sync (GBS), I have tried using Mozilla Weave.  It does seem to be quite similar in its advertised functions to GBS, however, it is clearly alpha software at this point.  I think it will be definitely the way to go in the near future, but as of this posting, I do have some issues with Weave.

Although weave seems a bit slow at times,  the main issue I am currently experiencing is the now syncing window when I close Firefox.  This window (most of the time) NEVER cloeses even after 24 hours.  Sometimes when the little window does close, it closes any new Firefox windows I have created since it started its sync.  This was my experience at Weave V 0.1.  As of updating to V 0.2, I find this problem has somewhat been eliminated, but the sync on close is still very slow.  Maybe this is due to the fact that I am syncing all the things Weave does, but I am not sure at this point.

Overall, I think the product will be a fine replacement to GBS, but its still clearly in development, so I would recommend not using it yet if you are a beginner.  Firefox veterans will have no issues with Weave, and should probably give it a try.

On another note, Google seems to have released the source code to GBS.  Hopefully, Mozilla will use this to help make Weave a better product.  In addition to this, I noticed that most of the plugins and themes I use have been updated to work with Firefox 3.0.  I am impressed at the speed.  I initially hoped it would take weeks rather than months to get the updates, but pleasently it took days rather than weeks for most.  There are still a few plugins that aren’t working at this point, but nothing important.  I am currently working with Firefox 3.0 strictly on my laptop and plan to move it to my main system this weekend.

Nathan’s 2008 Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest

I woke up early this morning with one thing in mind. I was going to Coney Island to watch Takeru Kobayashi battle Joey Chestnut for the world championship of hot dog eating. My initial plan was to ride my bike from my apartment to Coney Island, but it was raining, so I took the subway instead. I got to Coney Island around 9 AM and made my way to Nathan’s to grab a hot dog for myself before the contest. I got a tasty dog with kraut and onions as well as an order of fries. After eating, I made my way around the corner to where I could get a good view. There was already a 20 people thick wall waiting around 9:30 AM. These were real hard core fans of eating I found out. Anyway, after standing around for close to 3 hours, the contest began. Watch the video above for the details. It was fun and best of all it was totally free (other than my food).