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Most iPhone users love AT&T

An article that appeared the other day on CNN money made me laugh. The link to the article is here:

Anyway, the article seems to be the typical attention grabbing headline regarding the iPhone.  I assume that CNN gets ALOT of traffic (and add dollars) when they have iPhone articles.  I know I do – when I post something about the iPhone on this blog, the number of hits rises DRAMATICALLY!!  I will update this post if the hits actually do rise in a significant fashion.

So, the article is saying that most people like the AT&T service, even though the media makes it sound like AT&T is just terrible.  Whether AT&T is terrible or not, is not what I am writing this post about, but rather the photo at the top of the article.  The happy iPhone user in this image is not using AT&T.  He is using Softbank.  It is very clear from the credits and from the image itself that the user is not using AT&T and is located in Japan.  Softbank is the sole service provider of the iPhone in Japan — just like AT&T is in the USA.  As I have traveled to Japan many times, and I have rented a Softbank sim card for my iphone 3G, I can attest that Softbank does indeed offer better service in Japan than I am used to in New York City.

I find it odd that CNN couldn’t find an image of an American user with the AT&T logo to use in such an article.  What’t up with that?  It really doesn’t support the gist of the article at all – for reference, I am linking to the image here:

He is happy because its Softbank, not AT&T

Huntington Prime

Aki and I went to Huntington to visit my parents for the 4th of July.  While we were there we went out to eat with my parents and my grandmother at Huntington Prime.  We really enjoyed the food and found it to be on par if not better in some ways than the places we go in New York City.  I had the lamb shank.  It was cooked nicely and I was really impressed at the portion sizes.  It was not so big that I needed to eat the same meal for 3 days in a row, but rather the meal was just enough for me to be full and I didn’t feel that the price was too high.  I forgot to check out how much the beers were, but I’m sure they were cheaper than Brooklyn, so not much else to say about that.  Anyway, if you are in Huntington, WV and need to get some dinner, give Huntington Prime a try, it’s a nice place and has really good food!!