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While I am a big fan of all four of the seasons, I really like Winter.  I don’t need to run an air conditioner, I can wear clothes without being too hot.  I also like the snow.  The four seasons are all equally grand here in New England, but the last few Winter’s here and the snow Winter brings have proven especially enjoyable!

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Dinner at Frank Pepe

One of the best aspects of living near Wooster Square is having direct access to Frank Pepe Pizza.  The pizza is consistently described as one of the best in the USA, but with this fame comes a rather lengthy line at most times.  Today, with the ban on driving due to the blizzard, there was no line!  A very quick dinner with a couple of beers was happily enjoyed.

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Walking home before Winter Storm Juno (2015)

The media is warning us that we are going to have a giant storm over the next 48 hours.  I decided to walk to and from work today (the horrors!!).  The weather on the way home was quite pleasant actually, and I decided to take a few pics for comparison after the big snow comes!!

New Honda S660

New keicar to be released from Honda soon.  I am pretty interested in this as a second car but I have to wonder if this will actually be marketed in the US?  Anyone have any insight on this?Honda S600

Highly Misleading NY Times Tech Post

Photo Credit: Jim Wilson/The New York Times

I was reading some tech news this morning and came across this article on how iWork is going to compete with Microsoft Office by being free for new buyers of Apple hardware.  I read the article and realize more and more that there is no fact-checking in the tech media.  The article states that these apps are free for new buyers of hardware (which is true), but for old buyers, they state the prices as being $9.99 per app.  When I got the App Store on my MacBook Air, these apps run $19.99 each and not $9.99 — why this discrepancy?  Is it to make the $100 per year price for office look worse?  The author does not add the fact that this $100 price includes 5 licenses of the software and includes alot more than the core iWork apps for this price.

I really am getting more and more distrustful of tech media writing and fact checking and this is a misleading article that hammers home my point.