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Got the kids a mini trampoline for the living room

The kids are at the age where they like to bounce on things. The reallllllly like to bounce on the couch. While it does indeed look like fun, it is not good for the life span of the couch. I tried many things to get them to stop, but I happened to be at the Guilford Waste Transfer Station the other day and found a mini trampoline designed for exercise for people with limited mobility. Since it had been discarded, I thought why not try it. I took it home, cleaned it up and showed the kids how to bounce on it. That was all it took. Now they are experts and they have not jumped on the couch since.

Lego weekends

The kids and I have progressed through building most of the Lego sets that we purchased last Christmas. It has taken quite a while, but we were able to make everything except the Millennium Falcon Collectors Edition. This weekend we finished the Lego Classic Mini Cooper. It was quite a bit of fun to build. The box suggests that its for experts (16+), but Ryu, who is 5, was able to make most of it by himself with very few mistakes. I’m looking forward to see what Santa brings this year!!