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Dinner at Frank Pepe

One of the best aspects of living near Wooster Square is having direct access to Frank Pepe Pizza.  The pizza is consistently described as one of the best in the USA, but with this fame comes a rather lengthy line at most times.  Today, with the ban on driving due to the blizzard, there was no line!  A very quick dinner with a couple of beers was happily enjoyed.

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Birthday Cake

I have a birthday coming up (October 24) and I found the cake that I want!!  Its super cute and looks VERY tasty.  If anyone feels the need to get me something – I want this cake. I don’t think I can eat more than a slice, so I am happy to share as well.Jack O'Lantern Cake by Patisserie Angelica

Dinner at Traif in Brooklyn

Had Dinner at Traif in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the other night.  We tried the 9 course chef’s special.  It was very good.  I was especially fond of the duck leg confit.  The bacon covered hand made doughnuts were also very good.


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We recently traveled to Turkey.  The trip was a great experience.  I really enjoyed the food, and wanted to upload a few pictures here:



Starbucks Tumbler Insanity

This Summer, there was a 16 ounce tumbler available at Starbucks that looked like a to-go cup, but it was reusable.  This cup was pretty neat looking, but rather over priced at the time.  I wanted one, but didn’t feel like shelling out $15 for a plastic cup with a logo on it.  Well, I thought about it the other day, and thought I wanted one again, and maybe Starbucks would be selling old stock at a discount as they tend to do.  Much to my surprise, this was not the case at all.  In fact, the cup was so popular that it sold out almost immediately, and has been an EXTREMELY hot item on ebay every since.  Check this link.  I wonder why Starbucks doesn’t just re-release this cup.  There is CLEARLY demand for it.  They should try to make a buck.  I might even buy one this time.