Decrease in Spam?!?!

I have a number of email accounts I check on a daily basis.  I run different tools to help filter spam on most of them.  Web based accounts like gmail, hotmail, and yahoo mail have typically been plagued the worst by spam, but by far none is worse than my Marshall University email account.

In recent weeks, I have noticed a large dropoff in the amount of spam i am receiving to my web-based accounts.  This is a good thing.  I have a number of University emails too.  Some of these accounts receive very little spam, but as stated above the Marshall University account (which I have had for many, many years) is the worst.  Even this account is not receiving as much spam lately.  In fact, it seems to be receiving less than 10 spam messages per day.  These mostly come from Russia (based on the character set in the subject of the message).

I don’t know whats going on lately, but I hope it is a trend.  Any reduction in the amount of spam I receive daily is a good thing.  Hopefully, this is not just an unfortunate coincidence.

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