Mozilla Weave

As per my previous post on the discontinuation of the Google Browser Sync (GBS), I have tried using Mozilla Weave.  It does seem to be quite similar in its advertised functions to GBS, however, it is clearly alpha software at this point.  I think it will be definitely the way to go in the near future, but as of this posting, I do have some issues with Weave.

Although weave seems a bit slow at times,  the main issue I am currently experiencing is the now syncing window when I close Firefox.  This window (most of the time) NEVER cloeses even after 24 hours.  Sometimes when the little window does close, it closes any new Firefox windows I have created since it started its sync.  This was my experience at Weave V 0.1.  As of updating to V 0.2, I find this problem has somewhat been eliminated, but the sync on close is still very slow.  Maybe this is due to the fact that I am syncing all the things Weave does, but I am not sure at this point.

Overall, I think the product will be a fine replacement to GBS, but its still clearly in development, so I would recommend not using it yet if you are a beginner.  Firefox veterans will have no issues with Weave, and should probably give it a try.

On another note, Google seems to have released the source code to GBS.  Hopefully, Mozilla will use this to help make Weave a better product.  In addition to this, I noticed that most of the plugins and themes I use have been updated to work with Firefox 3.0.  I am impressed at the speed.  I initially hoped it would take weeks rather than months to get the updates, but pleasently it took days rather than weeks for most.  There are still a few plugins that aren’t working at this point, but nothing important.  I am currently working with Firefox 3.0 strictly on my laptop and plan to move it to my main system this weekend.

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