Passports, Travel, Work, and Education.

So Governor Palin thinks that reading books is enough to learn about different countries and their cultures. Hmm. Her wikipedia page seems to indicate that she was not so dedicated of a student.

She also thinks that you can not work and travel and that somehow these things do not go together. Who is she trying to kid? I went to school full time. I received an Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Biology in 6 years. During this time, I worked close to 40 hours a week by taking shifts Friday nights and Saturdays and Sundays all day. I did not make tons of money at these jobs, BUT, I was able to travel to Japan THREE times as a student on this money AND make the Dean’s list every semester. This is something that I wanted to do on my own. I did not get a backpack from my parents either.

Who is she trying to kid. with these statements? Why doesn’t she save face at this point and just admit that she is grossly under qualified for the position of Vice President of the United States. She should just say that she doesn’t know what she is doing and was overly ambitious when she accepted the nomination.  She could also say that she is willing to work hard to make up for her deficiencies. This would still not qualify her for the position in my eyes, but at least she would come off as a little bit less of a liar and a cheat.

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