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Crossposting to MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Live Spaces, and Live Journal with WordPress

I have recently found that updating a blog can be a decent amount of work.  It is even more work if you try to maintain more than one blog.  I try to only keep my main blog (www.adamnoah.com) up to date.  The others found at Mysapce, Facebook, Blogger, Live Spaces, and Livejournal — well — not so much.  I have tried at various  stages to use plugins to perform automated cross posting, but the only one I have luck with is the wordbook plugin which cross posts to Facebook.  WordPress gets updated alot.  This both for security  and for functionality, so I deal with it.  The problem is that every time WordPress gets updated, more and more plugins get broken.  This is too bad.  Hopefully, someone will fix all of the plugins, but I won’t hold my breath.