Tivo problems with Time Warner Cable

I bought a Tivo HD not so long ago.  The unit was working great and I was generally pleased with it for about a month or so.  After this initial good experience, I noticed the unit was crashing from time to time with a green screen and a loud siren noise.  I didnt think much of this, as I deal with modern electronics and I understnad that everything is junk now and we as consumers are just beta testers.  However, the problem started getting worse and worse.

The crashes started happening almost every day.  Sometimes one after another (immediately after rebooting).  This seemed odd to me, and prompted me to do a google search on the subject.  I found these two forum threads:




It seemed that I was definitely not the only person suffering from this problem, and it was much bigger.  I posted a few things and got some feedback from other users.  A tivo tech got intouch with me and enabled logging on my tivo to investigate the crashing.  Nothing changed for about 2 weeks.  Crashed continued like clockwork.  There were some interesting things however:

  1. I noticed it was almost always a HD channel that caused the crash to occur.
  2. Often it was HGTVHD or FOODHD which were the culprits.
  3. Parking both tuners on SD channels a couple times per day initially limited the crashing, but eventually this didn’t help either.
  4. Time Warner doesn’t acknowledge there is a problem (to be expected)
  5. Changing the cable cards didtn help (I did this twice)
  6. Changing the cable type didn’t help (I tried HDMI, Component, and Composite connections)

I gave up on this for a while and reverted to not watching TV at all for about 2 weeks.  After finishing my grants up and deciding that I wanted to have something tasty for dinner, I put on FOODHD.  There was no crash.  Nor has there been for 2 weeks as of today (07/01/09).  I hope this issue has been fixed, but I am not holding my breath.

There are a few things I learned from this.  Time Warner Cable has decent internet service, but their cable TV service is absolutely terrible and should be avoided if at all possible.  There are other reasons I say this and I will post on them in the future as this post is getting long.  Secondly, I hear and see a continuous barrage of podcasts, and reviews of how good the tivo hardware and software is when compared to the cable company DVRs.  This simply is not true.  During this time where my tivo was crashing, my Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC box only crashed one time and has been fairly reliable as of late.  I can not say so much for the Tvio…..

Bad tivo

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