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Texas makes jobs, but not necessarily for the educated.

Been seeing alot on the news lately about all the jobs that have been created in Texas during the current recession.

I always want to see the demographic number distributions when I hear such information coming from politicians.  The one thing that I always think about with respect to job creation, for both the present and the future, is how permanent are these jobs and how will they contribute to the economy in the long run.  This article makes me think that many of the stories I have heard about low paying jobs coming from this growth are indeed true, and that very little long-term investment is being made.

Google+ not working out?

A recent post on the technolog blog speculates that Google+ is failing due to the lack of daily posts. I can see this and initially might speculate on the same. However, I think it’s too early to make such a grand statement.  There are some limits to Google+ right now that might be limiting the number of users that will actually push content to the site.  For example, I really do not want to start to use the service with my non Google Apps email account, however Google has yet to open the service up to many users because of this.  Their statement on this topic is here, but it has not been updated in 5 months!!  This doesn’t sound like coming soon to me…

Additionally, here is another issue that I think Google+ needs to think about going forward.  Why does Google+ need to be a walled garden like Facebook and Twitter (and to some extent, WordPress)?    I think if Google would support proper cross-posting to all the aforementioned sites, Google+ could gain tons of usage.  I know I find it annoying to make sure all my social media is updated, but I don’t have the time to make them separate entities and maintain a personality at each one.  I don’t get paid for any of this, nor am I famous.  I would love it if Google+ would have real cross-posting capabilities and if they would get their act together on the Apps accounts, I would certainly adopt it as my social media of choice.

Is Steve Jobs Dead?

I have no idea, but there sure are a lot of websites speculating on this right now. Thought I might ask the question as well.

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