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Breaking news from the NY Times

So I just got a breaking news email from the New York Times.  It reads like this:

McCain Seeks to Delay Presidential Debate

Senator John McCain said that he would temporarily suspend his presidential campaign on Thursday to return to Washington to deal with the financial crisis and the bailout package pending before Congress. Mr. McCain is asking Senator Barack Obama’s campaign and the Commission on Presidential Debates to postpone the debate scheduled for Friday night.

Hmm, I thought about this for a minute.  Yes, it is important to get this financial crysis settled.  I agree, but shouldn’t the future President of the United States be ready to balance multiple important things at once?  I mean wise people should be able to debate without preparation as they should already be well versed on their stance since they ARE RUNNING AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

What is going to happen if we are attacked AND another finaicial crysis happends again?  Will we give John McCain time to prepare?  I do not think it works that way.