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Lot’s of media outlets covering work in our lab.







I did a quick Google News Search for “laser” and “brain” today and realized that the AP story that ran on our lab yesterday was picked up all over.  Very exciting.  It’s too bad they didn’t all run the photos.  I think those are more fun than the text, but oh well — I can’t complain about the publicity!

Some of the links:

Original AP Article


NY Times

ABC News

New Haven Regsiter

Hartford Courant

Denver Post

Indiana Gazette,22272473/

Food World News

Washington Times

Lasers, magnetism allow glimpses of the human brain at work

AP Article by Malcolm Ritter (June 22, 2015): “Lasers, magnetism allow glimpses of the human brain at work”  Also appeared on the NY Times and the Hartford Courant.  Video below (with original link to YouTube here:

IMG_20150312_115456 IMG_20150312_115534 IMG_20150312_115422

Texas makes jobs, but not necessarily for the educated.

Been seeing alot on the news lately about all the jobs that have been created in Texas during the current recession.

I always want to see the demographic number distributions when I hear such information coming from politicians.  The one thing that I always think about with respect to job creation, for both the present and the future, is how permanent are these jobs and how will they contribute to the economy in the long run.  This article makes me think that many of the stories I have heard about low paying jobs coming from this growth are indeed true, and that very little long-term investment is being made.