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Introduction to Motion Capture Technology

If you are in the New York City Area, and if you are interested in learning how all those cool animations are made in movies, commercials and video games, you should think about signing up for my class. I will be teaching a course showing the pipeline of capturing the data, processing the information, blending sequences of animation, and rending a final character animation this Fall (2009).  If you are interested please see the advertisement below and feel free to email me with questions.  I will not offer this as a distance course, but if there is interest (please leave a comment) I will think of doing this in the future.  The software I will cover in this course is as follows: Vicon IQ/Nexus/Blade, Autodesk Motionbuilder and Maya, and Newtek Lightwave.  If you have interest please contact the admissions office at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY at (718) 488-1011.  More information on admissions is available here: LIU admissions.

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Video Tutorials on Motion Capture

My class on motion capture started recently and I decided to post some tutorials for my students and others to watch.  You might find them useful if you are learning to use Vicon Nexus or AutoDesk MotionBuilder.  The first series is on how to set up a dot naming template in Nexus.